Be United in Peace. An iconic expression in  reaction to the #brusselsacttack

Grid Dynamic provides Scalable eCommerce Platform Solutions.

Diversity & Outreach is designed for UCSF(University of San Francisco). The mission of the Office is to nurture a culture that is welcoming and supportive. Their  priority is to develop and supports UCSF’s mission of advancing health worldwide and contribute to our commitment to diversity and excellence.

An updated logo of Kilkenny School of Irish Dance, based on the original design by Willem Joosten. The logo is now flexible for application for multiple promotional materials and online social media.

Amazing e-learning available for everyone.

Epic Health Services is a leading provider of pediatric skilled nursing, therapy throughout The United States. 

Beyond Access is a movement of people and organizations 
 committed to the idea that modern public libraries to empower economic and social development. More than 230,000 public libraries — 73% of the world’s total — are located in developing and transitioning countries.

An unconventional logo for church. An active community in Orange County, California.

The ibi (Institute for Biomedical Informatics) is designed for Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.

The mission of World Med School is to provide healthcare throughout the world by accessing free top level education.

Based in The Hague, Viotta is a Youth Orchestra, consist of a divers level participation for young children and teenagers who loves classic music.

Wonderfully Made is a craft shop.

Music Academy in The Hague. Collaborative collective of passionate  professionals to teach, maintain and spread music to all ages. 

Logo that plays on the typography. 

The W in WindChime logo. An alarm company.

The K in CK consultancy. The K-arrow points to C, Clyve is the client's name. 

The arrow also points out to assessing as Clyve is a Financial Consultant. 

The B is a collective of Pr. Brandhelper is a Pr company.